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Taste of Africa

We blend a relaxed atmosphere with delicious authentic Ghanaian food achieved by using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Come dine with us.

Great atmosphere and food. Best of African cuisine prepared with love. Just like home-cooked food. The taste you can't resist.

Maxim Jones


Very pleasant people, always smiling and willing to listen to my orders and give me exactly what I want, My favourite is their tilapis fish with yams. God continually bless you.



The presentation was fab. My meal came quick and was delicious. Hope you guys keep it up! Was recommended to me by DJ Bills

Kofi Anatsui



Our best

Waakye is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans. The rice and beans, usually black eyed peas or cow beans, are cooked together, along with red dried sorghum leaf sheaths or stalks and limestone.

Special selection

From our menu


Soft and tender meat well spiced and grilled


Deep-fried spiced gizzard with homemade chilli sauce


Flavourful fried plantain cubes sprinkled with spices


Beautifully presented, mouthwateringly fresh

Breaded Panko Shrimp

Crispy and super good for any shrimp lover

JOLLOF - Salad & Plaintain

Made with a combination of spices and tomato stew.

Grilled Tilapia
from £16

Freshly grilled, delicately laced with special spices

Grilled Akonfem
from £18

Well-marinated charcoal-grilled guinea fowl with peanut spices

Peanut Soup

Blend of tomato and peanut made into a thick delicious soup.

Okro Stew

It is as nourishing as it is delicious. Mouthwatering

Our food philosophy

Our Team

As well as being made from top ingredients, our food is fab because it's prepared by our team of well-trained, dedicated cooks. In our kitchen, the team is like one big family, so they treat the whole process like feeding their family members. Efie Ne Fie


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